Desert Spring
Star Party

at the
Little Desert Nature Lodge

Time-lapse sequences & slideshows

A collective thanks to the creators of these videos, for allowing us to put the fruits of their hours of work online. In some cases these are low-resolution and/or abbreviated versions of their original videos.

Further contributions to this page welcomed.

Note : various video formats & resolutions have been used by the creators, over a period of several years, using many different computers. If your computer complains about an unrecognised video format or decode error, then you may need to install an appropriate Video Codec.


Greg Walton's time-lapse of the evening and night of October 13-14, including sunset, sunrise, and a night full of stars and aurorae (83MB MP4).


Blair Lade's time-lapse of distant lightning beneath southern stars (8MB AVI).

Leon Geljon's slideshow of his VicSouth 2008 (105MB WMV).

Phil Hart's time-lapse of the Moon and Venus setting behind approaching clouds (169MB AVI).


Leon Geljon's slideshow of his VicSouth 2007 (79MB AVI).


Leon Geljon's slideshow of his VicSouth 2006 (70MB AVI).