Desert Spring
Star Party

at the
Little Desert Nature Lodge

Booking your place at VicSouth

Download the VicSouth 2018 Booking Information here and the VicSouth 2018 booking form here.
Please read the Information before filling in the booking form. Send your completed booking form to the Lodge before Friday 26 October.

Additional night(s) of accommodation, before or after the VicSouth weekend, may be available at the Lodge's discretion and subject to availability. The Lodge will, of course, have its normal lighting in action when it's not actually the VicSouth nights, and there will be non-astronomer guests staying on site. These non-astronomer guests may include school groups.

Accommodation is also available in Nhill if you do not wish to stay at the Lodge during VicSouth. Arranging this offsite accommodation is entirely up to you and we make no recommendations. Except for beware of wildlife on the roads at night and don't arrive at the Lodge after dark (because your headlights will irritate people).